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  • Dr. Lillian Nejad

Liptember Helping Women Overcome Their Lifeblockers

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Liptember is here! Click here to listen to the "That Radio Show" LIFEBLOCKERS segment where we talked about my favourite mental health campaign--Liptember.

Find out about the origins of Liptember, the reason why the focus is on women's mental health and which organisations Liptember supports (including another fave of mind--RUOK? Day).

That Radio Show team getting lippy!

To read more about Liptember and RUOK, click here

Lipstick drawer I refer to in the segment!

You can get involved by donating to my Liptember fundraising page or you can go directly to You can also buy Liptember lipsticks at Chemist Warehouse.

Listen to "That Radio Show" on Sunday mornings 8am Australian Eastern time on SEN+ 1377

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