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  • Dr. Lillian Nejad

LIFEBLOCKER: The Dark Side of Reality TV

In an interview on “That Radio Show,” on the SEN Network, former Neighbours star and now radio host, Nicola Charles, and I spoke with MKR contestants and couple, Mick and Jodie-Anne Barlow. They were happy with their experience on the show, and they gave us some insight into some of the factors that made them more resilient: they had a solid relationship and could rely on each other for support, they were emotionally and financially stable, they had a clear vision about what they wanted from the show, and they had realistic expectations that they were going to have to work “incredibly hard” to make that vision a reality once the show finished. Jodie-Anne had also had a previous experience on a reality show so she had an idea of what to expect.

So it can work. We know this--we've seen the success stories.

But when it all goes wrong, who is to blame?

Listen to the interview here:

Read more about the pitfalls of reality TV and what we contestants, producers and viewers can do to improve the outcome for everyone involved here:

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