LIFEBLOCKERS are the obstacles preventing you from living the life you want for yourself. Life blockers include emotions, thoughts, behaviors, relationships and circumstances that interfere with the pursuit of your true goals and desires. 'The Sleep Edition' is the first book in the LIFEBLOCKERS series.


The LIFEBLOCKERS series of publications will help you identify, manage and overcome your personal life blockers with effective evidence-based strategies so that you can pursue the life you really want. 

Lillian is also the author of, "Treating Stress & Anxiety: A Practitioner's Guide to Evidence-Based Approaches" and the popular audio format CD, "Relaxation: Techniques to Reduce Anxiety & Stress and Enhance Well-being" both available on

LIFEBLOCKER: Sleep-blocking thoughts - Dr. Lillian Nejad
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I am a registered and endorsed clinical psychologist and author with over 20-years experience in the assessment and treatment of individuals with mild to severe psychological issues and disorders.


My goal is to empower you to pursue the life you want for yourself by addressing and overcoming your LIFEBLOCKERS.


My mission is to provide information that promotes 

accurate and nonjudgmental views on mental health in an accessible, genuine and engaging manner that fosters positive change for everyone involved!

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